How do you really know that you are animal lover?

Just because you take your kids regularly to the city zoo does not make you an animal lover. In fact, secretly you could hate animals altogether. If you were an animal lover, yes, you would still take your kids to the zoo, because as urban circumstances would have it, this is about as close to nature that you can come. While you are at the zoo, teach your kids as much as possible about the different species behind bars.

Also teach your kids that it is cruel to keep animals in cages. Never, never ever take your kids to the circus. Unless, of course, this unique new age circus only has humans and clowns performing tricks that animals, through the years, were cruelly whipped into doing. Gift your kids with nature books and books about animals. The best way for kids to learn and appreciate all the species is from the youngest age possible.

If you and your kids are fortunate enough to have a garden surrounding your home, teach them as much as possible about the birds and bees, yes, that too. Teach them not be afraid of hairy legged spiders and not to tramp on them and kill them. The same goes for little geckos and lizards and all other creepy crawlies. One of the biggest garden myths that you need to dispose of is to tell your kids the sad tale of the bumble bee.

It dies the moment it stings you. Try not to let that happen. Try to preserve your garden bees. There is a saying among true animal lovers that the moment the bees become extinct is the moment that all other species, including Homo sapiens, follows suit.